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SEA - Accenture Foundation

Thursday, September 24 2015


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Member of the Social Entrepreneur Academy (SEA), Soieries du Mékong benefits from continuing professional training for its Cambodian teams.  

SEA - Accenture Foundation

The training is set up and carried out by consultants from Accenture on special humanitarian leave, who come to spend two weeks in Banteay Chmar.  

Since the programme was launched, we have received visits from Khalid and Elodie. Khalid trained Tean Kong and Srey Lang to help them understand their responsibilities in their role as head of workshop.  

Elodie spent time with the centre’s director, Samrach, providing him with management training such as ‘Time management’, ‘Project management’, etc. Team leaders at the production centre were also able to take advantage of the training.  

Team leaders at the production centre concentrating during the workshop on ‘Working as a Team’


The Social Entrepreneur Academy programme was created for the organisation 1001 Fontaines, which trains Cambodians in remote rural areas in how to become entrepreneurs managing a drinking water facility. 
Consultants from Accenture designed the training modules for the entrepreneurs, trainers and on-site management team. 
The modules, with a light-hearted and fairly general content, are in Khmer and are delivered in workshop format. The existing modules have therefore been adjusted to suit the issues and context at Soieries du Mékong.


To find out more about the Social Entrepreneur Academy (French)

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