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Svoeuy Sreytol is a determined and passionate young woman.

Monday, July 24 2017


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Today, Svoeuy shares her story. Discover through her eyes several steps of Soieries du Mékong’s production features.

Svoeuy Sreytol is a determined and passionate young woman.

Growing up in Banteay Chmar…

Svoeuy Sreytol was born in Banteay Chmar in a family of humble background. She went to school until high school and then joined Soirie du Mékong. Today, like most Cambodian families, Svoeuy lives with her parents, her two sisters and her three brothers, in their native village, in a typical dark wood khmer house built on stilts.

Like every Cambodian, Svoeuy is very respectful when it comes to her parents, as Cambodian culture gives an important value in family and in the respect for elders.


Her several working missions…

At Soierie du Mékong, Svoeuy works with the loom preparation team. She is in charge of several production steps, but the spooling has always been her favourite task. The spooling consists of unwinding the silk yarns in cops and spools. This step is the easiest one as it allows her to stop and pick up her work whenever she want without having to restart everything from scratch, and without having to keep her attention focused for hours.

She also works in the warping step, which is the step following spooling. The warping is when the silk yarns are arranged one next to the other in a parallel way and in a specific order to define the tightness of the weaving. This is a very long and meticulous step that demand a lot of concentration.


Using energy during her time off…

Svoeuy is full of energy. This enthusiastic young woman takes every opportunities to meet new people and like to spend her time with her entourage. Soieries du Mékong workshop employees really appreciate her a lot and she often hangs out with her colleagues and friends during her time off.

Outside her professional life, Svoeuy also takes care of her family. She looks after her young nephew and helps around the house.

But whenever someone takes over, she likes spending time on facebook, dancing in the pagoda or walking through fields in the evening. Then, she usually meets her friends to have dinner together.

Traveling dreams…

Svoeuy has always lived in the small village of Banteay Chmar, so her dream is to discover new horizons. Her greatest wish is to take a plane to Sihanoukville, a city by the sea in south Cambodia. She would love to see the sea for the first time, to have a walk on the beach and to eat fish and seafood. However simple this dream may seem, her presence is too vital for her family so she prefers to wait before going. In Cambodia, family responsibilities come first...

Surrounded by her friends and family, Svoeuy blossoms in her work. She combines patience and determination and managed to establish a friendly atmosphere in the company.

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