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Mr Sokha, a delicat man

Wednesday, May 10 2017


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Today, we decided to present you Mr Sokha. He is one of the only man working in Soieries du Mékong’s workshop in Banteay Chmar. Here, he will share his story with you.

Mr Sokha, a delicat man

The story of his life…

Mr Sokha was born in 1954 in Battambang, west of Cambodia. He gets married in 1978 under the Khmer Rouge regime. Cambodia civil war will take end the next year, in 1979.

Traditionally, at this time and even sometime in our days, the groom parents organize weddings by choosing his future wife. It is happen to Mr Sokha, his parents chose his wife and he meet her only on his wedding day.

Today he has four children. His two sons joined the army and became Cambodian Army’s soldiers. One of his daughter moved in Thailand with her husband who works there. His second one worked a few weeks for Soieries du Mékong.


A rebounding working experiences…

Mr Sokha has a surprising career history. After following an electrician training program, before the Khmer Rouge regime, he worked in the agricultural sector. He cultivated manioc and rice before getting in Soieries du Mékong.

In this weaving sphere and female environment, Mr Sokha has multiples assignments. He has the control of the electrical system’s reparations and of the looms preparation.

Most of the time, he deals with the spooling, one of the many operations before weaving. In spooling, the yarn is wound on spools. Furthermore, he handles the innovation process: he works on the spooling machines improvement and efficiency.

He must remain attentive to the weavers, to understand their difficulties. He looks for answer and creating new installations which will help the weavers in their tasks. For example, he built spooling machine adapted to the silk yarn’s size and thickness. He also installed motor-driven machine.


A professional and personal life well balanced...

Mr Sokha decided to work for Soieries du Mékong for different reasons. Through his tasks, he combines his interest in manual work and in resolving tangible’s issues.

In this job, Mr Sokha has responsibilities and is free to innovate in his work environment. Furthermore, he has more free time than in his last work. He has the time to relax and to look after his wife and his grandchildren outside working hours.

Mr Sokha would define himself in three adjectives:

First, he is practical in his work with the realization of technical and tangible tasks.

Then, he is a problem solver. He is ingenious; he reaches and develops innovations, which improve the daily work of the women at Soieries du Mékong.

Finally, he is patient in his work and his personal life. He likes to relax by listening his favorite singer: Sin Sisamuth. His songs are poetics and meaningful music, such as “Flower of Krouchess”, describing a young woman and the view of the landscape from her windows.

A respectful and grateful man …

Education is very important for Mr Sokha, for both him and his family. He is grateful of his luck to had access to school. He tell us that the most respected people for him are his parents and his teachers. His parents for having given birth to him and his teachers for having brought him knowledge.

His dream is that his children, thanks to their education, prosper in their life by developing their own companies for example.


With his expertise, his ingenuity and his delicacy, Mr Sokha is a key person in production success of Soieries du Mékong scarves.

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